Mixing It Up, Your Signature Cocktail

November 27, 2009 by Jason · Leave a Comment 

Are you looking to mix drinks for a few friends? Maybe you are throwing a legendary cocktail party for the neigborhood? Well, whether you are hosting a party or just creating a new drink for your personal enjoyment, be creative and make it your own signature cocktail.

A good bar or restaurant will always have a house drink or two and they are known for it. It is their signature of a sort and having a special drink at your next party could be the unique signature of your event as well.

How to come up with your party’s signature cocktail.

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To make it memorable, your mixed drink should easily associate with some part of your event.

For some this is the fun part. Mixing together alcohol and mixers to create that memorable drink. But for others this is a stressful time trying to come up with the right mixture. You don’t have to be a mixologist to create your signature cocktail, nor do you have to have been a bartender for most of your life. You can very easily take your favorite drink and give it a special twist that represents your event.

Whether you have mastered the art of mixology or you are simply using a classic mixed drink recipe, here are some steps to make your event special with your own signature cocktail.

  1. Name or re-name your cocktail.
    Whether you are mixing new or serving a classic, give it an exciting new name or maybe a new twist to an old name.
  2. Decorate your mixed drink.
    Always garnish your cocktail. I can’t tell you how many times I have simply added a piece of fruit to the rim of  a simple mixed drink only to get a compliment on the drink before it has even been tasted.
  3. Serve your cocktail in a special way.
    I remember getting jello shots at the beach many years ago and the bartender would only let us eat them without using our hands. Now I have had numerous jello shots over the years but I remember this one specifically because the bartender made it fun. This may not apply to all drinks but if it fits use it.
  4. Color.
    Don’t underestimate the value of color! If your party decorations are a certain color, make sure your drink is too. A simple change to a mixer can add a totally new element to a known drink and make it party specific. And hey, all you did was change the color.
  5. Make it regional.
    Is there something special about the town your in? Some places are easy. Mexico is obviously known for tequila. Jamaica is known for the rum. Does your town or area have a specialty that you could work into a mixed drink?

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Jason is a web developer by day and...well...a web developer by night also. However, Jason's love for mixing (or perhaps tasting) rum drinks and attempting to wow his friends and neighbors with the latest signature cocktail has led to the creation of this website, UltimatePartyGuide.com.

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